Site Notes

This page describes, roughly, the philosophy behind this site.

  • “Social media” has become, at best, frustrating and unproductive. At worst, it causes humanity active harm. If you find me on a large social network, it’s either an old account I’ve forgotten about or someone squatting on an old profile.

  • I believe in the IndieWeb and owning my home on the web to the greatest extent possible. Everything I publish will live here first, going forward.

  • This site is a reflection of me, my life, and the things I find interesting. I post short notes, quotes, links to things I think are worth sharing, short essays, and photos.

  • I no longer desire to build a “personal brand” or worry about attracting a large audience for my work. I hope the things I publish will be useful or interesting to others, but it is not the primary goal. My website is a personal playground for tinkering with code and ideas. (Aside: I still love chatting with new people! Say hi!)

  • If you’re looking for something I wrote in a previous incarnation of this site, or as part of a former project, there’s a good chance it’s in here somewhere. Or will be, I’m slowly back-filling the archives.

Updated March 2021. Questions? Feel free to send me an email.