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Past Projects

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I’ve been writing and sharing side projects online for more than a decade, at this point. Many of my early projects have been lost to the sands of time. If my name sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because of the following.

  • Draftly — a Dribbble client for Apple TV
  • The Monday Mailer — A weekly newsletter & podcast about shipping side projects, productivity, and doing your best work.
  • WatchKit Resources — A blog, then a weekly newsletter, about Apple Watch design & development.
  • Developing for Apple Watch (O’Reilly) — I served as technical reviewer for this fantastic resource by Jeff Kelley.
  • Chronicons — I created the first icon set designed exclusively for Apple Watch apps.
  • Goalie — Along with Mark Pavlidis, I created an iOS client for easily maintaining your HockeyApp account & builds.
  • What Toronto Said — A tool for quickly and easily browsing responses to Toronto’s Core Service Review.
  • TTCUpdates — Crowdsourced updates on Toronto Transit Commision service, long before they had a digital strategy of their own.
  • Task Ave. — Location-based task reminders. Winner of Startup Weekend 2010.
  • Border Delay — Live wait times at the U.S.-Canada land border crossings. My first commerical iOS app.
  • Doors Open Toronto Mobile — The first mobile website, then app, for Doors Open Toronto.