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Past Projects

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I’ve been writing and sharing side projects online for more than a decade, at this point. Many of my early projects have been lost to the sands of time. If my name sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because of the following.

Scorecard of the AppsA silly little site to track stats for Apple’s (terrible) first foray into TV2017
The Monday MailerA weekly newsletter & podcast about shipping side projects, productivity, and doing your best work2016-2017
DraftlyA Dribbble client for Apple TV2016
Developing for Apple Watch (O’Reilly)I served as technical reviewer for this fantastic resource by Jeff Kelley2016
Border DelayLive wait times at the U.S.-Canada land border crossings (My first “real” iOS app)2012-2015
WatchKit ResourcesA blog, then a weekly newsletter, about Apple Watch design & development.2015
ChroniconsThe first icon set designed exclusively for Apple Watch apps2015
GoalieAlong with Mark Pavlidis, I created an iOS client for easily maintaining your HockeyApp account & builds2013
What Toronto SaidA tool for quickly and easily browsing responses to Toronto’s Core Service Review2011
TTCUpdatesCrowdsourced updates on Toronto Transit Commision service, long before they had a digital strategy of their own2010-2011
Task Ave.Location-based task reminders (Winner of Startup Weekend Toronto 2010)2010-2011
Doors Open Toronto MobileThe first mobile website, then app, for Doors Open Toronto2010-2011
TorontoistI was a semi-active contributor2006-2007