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The Kid™ recently started daycare, which is simultaneously thrilling and frightening. After 16 months spent largely with my partner and I, I’m excited for him to be taking his first independent steps into the world. The daycare uses an app to share updates and photos throughout the day. Following along for this first week has been really nice. Long-term, I’m not sure watching it so closely will be healthy.

I was recently promoted to Senior Director of Engineering at TWG, with oversight over our Modern Application Development practice. I’ve been looking for a new challenge — one that would give me the opportunity to grow, learn, and stretch my abilities beyond their current limits. I think this will more than fit the bill. Lots of of hard, interesting work ahead.

My off-hours (rare at they are) have been spent tinkering with digital home infrastructure projects. A smart home dashboard/touchscreen display, tinkering with Home Assistant, improving our digital document storage, and more. I really need to share some details about these projects, eventually.

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