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My wife and I were very happy to receive our second vaccine doses, a few weeks back. Now that we’re fully vaccinated (maxinated?), I can feel some of the stress and anxiety of the past ~15 months slipping away. Case counts in Ontario continue to drop and things are slowly opening up. We’re still being careful, given there isn’t a vaccine available for The Kid™ yet, but it’s been nice to loosen up a bit.

Speaking of The Kid™, I’m in the final weeks of my two-month parental leave. It has been incredible to spend so much time together as a family, celebrate our little boy turning one, witness him start walking & talking (a bit), and focus on being a full-time husband and parent. I know it isn’t easy for everyone but take that leave if you can, gents.

Part of me is looking forward to “going back” to work. I’m expecting to continue working from home, the majority of the time. But the office will be opening up, in the months to come, and it will be great to see everyone in person again. I recently hit the 10-year mark at TWG and I’m still excited about what’s to come.

I’ve spent the last few weeks revamping my personal website, again. I’m also diving back into a few of my Playdate projects. With pre-orders starting soon, I’m hoping to have something ready for launch day.

These days I’m optimizing for flexibility.

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