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Thank You

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Over the last 52 weeks, I’ve published over 70,000 words on topics like productivity, time management, motivation, and doing great work as a programmer. Much to my surprise and delight, over 1,200 of you have stuck around to read them. This week, I’m going to keep my message simple:

Thank you.

Thank you for reading what I write. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and critiques. Thank you for your support during hard times. Thank you for allowing my work into your life, each and every week.

I can’t say with any degree of honesty that everything I’ve written for the Mailer has been a home run. But I genuinely hope, on the whole, I’ve brought some value into your work and your life.

I won’t be publishing the Monday Mailer on a weekly basis, going forward. But this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from me. I’ll still be writing new articles on my blog, creating new side projects, and maybe — just maybe — finally be finishing a book.

Thank you, again.