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Bring Value

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I don’t have many concrete goals when it comes to my work. I try not to chase money, promotions, page views, or followers. Instead, I ask myself one question.

“How can I bring value to someone today?”

It isn’t a mission statement, or a manifesto. You won’t see it on a motivational poster. It’s simply a way to keep me on track – to remind myself where my focus should be. It’s a North Star when I feel lost, useless, or unproductive. Just try to be useful.

I try to bring value to you, dear reader, by sharing my thoughts and advice on shipping side projects, doing your best work, and being more productive. But bringing value to those around you doesn’t require an email newsletter.

Share your knowledge with a junior developer. Help a coworker figure out a tough bug. Grab a coffee with the new hire and make them feel welcome. Take on something everyone else dreads doing. Write a blog post. Empty the dishwasher.

Add value wherever you can, even if it isn’t part of your job description. Not only will it make you a more valuable employee – and human being – it’s incredibly rewarding. 

Time spent helping someone else is never time wasted. 

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