How to Use an iOS 10 Device with Xcode 7.3

Now that the beta of iOS 10 is out you, like most iOS developers, have probably installed it on at least one of your devices. Being able to test against the upcoming version of the OS, before the public release, is a valuable opportunity for any iOS developer. It allows us to figure out the myriad ways our apps will break in iOS 10, as well as time to adopt new APIs.

I recently saw a discussion on Twitter kicked off by Peter Steinberger, the creator of PSPDFKit, about the possibility of running apps on an iOS 10 device from Xcode 7.3. Turns out it isn’t just possible – it’s easy! Here’s Pete’s solution:

You can also do it using a symbolic link, if you prefer:

ln -s /Applications/\ \(14A5261u\) /Applications/

This is a great way to begin testing forward compatibility for your apps. But be sure to test again with subsequent betas – sometimes it’s hard to know if the bug is yours or Apple’s. As in all things, use your common sense.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!