How to Enable Developer Mode Using the Terminal

“When I used Xcode for the first time, it asked me if I wanted to enable Developer Mode, but I refused. Now I realize that it is really annoying to type my password so many times.”

When you run Xcode for the first time on a fresh system, it asks if you’d like to enable Developer Mode. Developer Mode allows Xcode to execute common debugging tasks without constantly asking for your password. If you decline the prompt goes away, never to be seen again.

If — like our friend above — you grow tired of those damn password prompts, you might be hard-pressed to figure out how to enable Developer Mode later on. There used to be a button in Devices → My Mac, but recent versions of Xcode seem to have removed it.

Have no fear. The Terminal is here to save the day. Fire it up and enter:

DevToolsSecurity -enable

You’ll be prompted for your password. Enter it, and those pesky password prompts will be banished forever.