Unorganized. Subjectively rated. A work in progress.

Killing Yourself to Live
Chuck Klosterman
Into the Wild
Jon Krakauer
Steve Jobs
Walter Isaccson
Michael Lewis
Thinking, Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman
The Flinch
Julien Smith
Anything You Want
Derek Sivers
Do the Work
Steven Pressfield
Masters of Doom
David Kushner
No Easy Day
Mark Owen & Kevin Maurer
American Sniper
Chris Kyle
Killing Them Softly
George V Higgins
The Making of Karateka
Jordan Mechner
Design for Hackers
David Kadavy
The 4-Hour Chef
Tim Ferriss
Dan Saffer
Marc Ecko
CCrazy Town
Robyn Doolittle
Rolf Potts
Tom DeMarco
Kathy Sierra
Making Ideas Happen
Scott Belsky
Matt Kane & Steve Garguilo
You Can Buy Happiness
Tammy Strobel
Reinvent Yourself
James Altucher
You Are a Writer
Jeff Goins
Radical Candor
Kim Scott
Managing Humans
Michael Lopp
Everything I Know
Paul Jarvis
The Good Creative
Paul Jarvis
The Daily Stoic
Ryan Holiday
Soft Skills
Jon Sonmez
Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
Act Accordingly
Colin Wright
Show Your Work!
Austin Kleon
The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
The 50th Law
Robert Greene & 50 Cent
Tools of Titans
Tim Ferriss
Jason Fried & DHH
Steal Like an Artist
Austin Kleon
How to Be Here
Rob Bell
Gary Vaynerchuk
Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert
Greg McKeown
The Power of Less
Leo Babauta
The Martian
Andy Weir
Design Is a Job
Mike Monteiro
The 4-Hour Body
Tim Ferriss
Creativity Inc.
Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace
Becoming Steve Jobs
Brent Schlender & Rick Tetzeli
American Savage
Dan Savage
Making Ideas Happen
Scott Belsky
Pitch Perfect
Erica Sadun & Steve Sande
The War of Art
Steve Pressfield
Rob Delaney
Rob Delaney
Vincent Bugliosi
No Country for Old Men
Cormac McCarthy
Attempting Normal
Marc Maron
Savage Love
Dan Savage
Ghost in the Wires
Kevin Mitnick
World War Z
Max Brooks
Like a Virgin
Richard Branson
Fight Club
Chuck Palahniuk
It Will Be Exhilarating
Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt
Tina Fey
Don Winslow
Seth Godin
The Startup of You
Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha
Tough Sh*t
Kevin Smith
Getting Real
Jason Fried & DHH
In the Plex
Steven Levy