Brian GilhamNotes

I really miss the spirit of the 90’s web. Turns out I’m not alone.

Tatiana Mac would like to see webrings make a comeback.

If you’re too young to remember webrings, Charlie Owen does a great job explaining what they are and why they’re important — even in 2020.

Webrings could be something that gets us back into a slower world of personal sites and personal, very human stories. None of your “personal brand” (unironic use of which needs to die in a fire, as it is simply a way of defining your worth by your employability). Bring back the human brand! Bring back the ability to find smart amazing, original, bizarre, wonderful people!

If you’re convinced, Max Böck has decided to help out and make it really easy to set up a new webring, including some neat modern features (like automatically generated OPML files!).

It might just be the circles I currently run in, but I’m really enjoying the recent push toward personal sites and away from social media.