Bike Lights

I rode a heavy Giant Boulder mountain bike for years and often hated it. Since picking up my new Marin Belvedere, I've re-discovered my love of cycling and made a point of becoming more involved in the cycling community in Toronto. The #BikeTO hashtag on Twitter is filled with passionate discussion about everything from bike lane assholes to tips about winter riding. 

@pedalpapa, an active participant, often tweets reminders about when, legally, cyclists are required to use bike lights.

I was inspired. I thought it would be fun to put together a quick, single-page site that would, based on sunrise & sunset times for the day, let you know if you currently needed to have your lights on. The result is BikeLights.Today.

Cyclists in Ontario are required to have their lights on one half-hour before sunset and one half-hour after sunrise. So, I simply grab sunrise & sunset times from the API, subtract and add a half-hour where needed, and compare against the current time. It works great as a web clip on iOS. The next step is to use proper geolocation to allow anyone in Ontario to use it. 

The response has been great so far and it was a fun project for a Saturday morning.